Are shade sails a good idea? Can you leave a shade sail up all year? Why are shade sails so expensive?

Spending time in the garden can be one of the most enjoyable ways to pass a few hours. You can sit back and relax, do some gardening, or even throw a party or get together with your neighbours, friends, and family. There is just one big drawback to all that time outside – getting too much sun. 

Getting overheated, having the sun in your eyes, and burning your skin is not ideal. That is where the right shade comes in. Trees and umbrellas may be classic ways to provide that shade, but how useful are shade sails, and are they the best choice for your garden? Read on to discover what makes shade sails such a good idea, and whether or not they are worth the investment…

Are shade sails a good idea?

Shade sails are made from pieces of fabric, stretched between structures to create a sun shade that rather resembles a ship’s sail. They can be attached to your roof, a pole, or any permanent structure, providing you with shelter from the sun. You can decide on the size, coverage, and look of your shade sail, and you can put it up pretty much wherever you want.

So, are shade sails a good idea? The answer has to be a resounding yes. Not only do you have far greater flexibility with a shade sail than most other types of shade, but they have many more benefits than just this. Some of the top reasons to choose a shade sail include:

  • They are beautiful – they are far more eye-catching and impressive than your average parasol or gazebo. You can make a real statement and enjoy the aesthetics of your shade sail as well as its useful function. Choosing to get your shade sail from an elite shade sail company in Sydney means you can pick the design and colours that you want.
  • They protect against the sun – the most obvious benefit, perhaps, but still very much worth mentioning. Shade sails are excellent at blocking out the sun’s harmful rays, not just for your protection, but for your garden. They are fantastic for providing shade to delicate plants as well as delicate skin.
  • They are ideal for swimming pools – swimming pools can be tricky to shade properly. You don’t want to have to build an entire roof over your pool, and yet having it unshaded can cause all sorts of issues. You may have to clean it more and alter the chemicals more often, as well as spend less time in the water. Shade sails can be perfectly installed for as much or as little shade as you need.
  • You can choose where you install them – you can place your shade sail anywhere, as long as you can put it in the right structure to support it, creating the kind of garden and shade that you desire.
  • You can alter and move them with relative ease – compared to a standing structure like a pergola, something bulky like a gazebo, or, of course, an immovable tree, shade sails are easy to move. You can reposition yours as you wish during installation to get the best shade for your garden.
  • They can provide protection from wind and rain – light wind and rain can be kept off by your shade sail, meaning you can sit back and enjoy being outside for longer. 

Between their exceptional functionality and gorgeous aesthetics, there is little wonder why shade sails are increasing in popularity in Australia. There is little doubt that shade sails are a good idea to brighten up your garden while also offering the perfect amount of shade.

Can you leave a shade sail up all year?

As well as all of the other benefits mentioned above, another key point in favour of shade sails is that they can be left up all year round. While it may be a safer choice to remove your shade sail before a heavy storm or severe weather is due to hit, you can opt to leave yours up in normal rain or shine. 

You don’t have to take it down in the colder months, and it will still look good even when not protecting you from the sun. It is important to note that shade sails of inferior quality may not fare quite so well in all weather conditions, so it is worth choosing a higher-quality product to begin with. That way it is likely to last longer, saving you money in the long run when you don’t have to replace it as quickly.

You may also have to regularly clean your shade sail if you leave it up all year round to keep it looking at its best and to prevent any damage occurring. A correctly installed and well-maintained shade sail should withstand much that a year of weather in Australia has to throw at it. This is another reason why so many homeowners are choosing shade sails for their gardens.

Why are shade sails so expensive?

The cost of your shade sail can differ wildly, depending on a number of factors. The size that you choose, the kind of material, and the style can all impact the price. As can how you have it installed, and the kind of quality you are looking for. Your delivery location and whether you have the right kind of structure already in place to attach it to can also play a role in the cost.

All of these variables can impact the price, and while there certainly are more expensive shade sails around, there are also cheaper options available as well. You could spend a few hundred dollars on your shade sail, or a few thousand. It really is up to you. The important thing to remember is that often, spending more on your shade sail now could mean spending less in the future.

Final thoughts

A high-quality shade sail made of the best material, well-designed, and correctly installed, will end up lasting longer and looking better than a cheaper one. Especially one that is put up hurriedly by an inferior company. Make sure that you choose an elite shade sail from the best company in Sydney, and enjoy your shade sail year-round, and for many years to come.