Waist up portrait of handsome young DJ standing at mixer making music during night party in club, scene lit by stage lights with people dancing in background

Booking a DJ for your next event?

8 Questions you need to ask your prospective DJ before booking

Wohoo, its party time! Whether it’s a wedding reception, a Sweet 16, or a birthday party, there’s one thing you’re definitely going to need and that’s good music. When you go about hiring a DJ (Disk Jockey), there are a few questions you’d better ask, so you make sure you’re getting someone who understands what you want and doesn’t end up playing some awful tunes that doesn’t match with you vision at all. Once you search for a party dj hire, and find a few prospects you want to ask the right questions to select the best entertainer for your event.

So… here are eight questions you should ask any DJ before signing a contract:

  1. How many years have you been in the business – and how often do you DJ?

You want to make sure you find someone who’s been doing it a while. Ask whether or not they have done any corporate events is a good idea. You can also always ask if they have a mix you can listen to or any videos on YouTube you can check out in order to get a feel for their style. You want to be sure they have a good database of the genre of music your guests will enjoy.

  1. Ask for references.

Ask for professional references from previous clients. Feel free to reach out to a few of them people so that they can tell you their experience with the prospective DJ both good and bad. This will you help you clearly decide whether the DJ is a good fit for your event.

  1. What set up do you have?

Ask your prospective DJ if they work with professional audio equipment. If you are not sure, ask for their equipment list and check with a local music dealer or perhaps a friend who is familiar with the industry to verify they are using professional-grade sound gear. Remember that professional gear does not guarantee an entertainer’s talent or service level, but is simply a tool for building an exceptional event.

  1. Do they accept playlists?

Actually, most DJs want a playlist. It makes it easier for them to plan and less time preparing. The most important thing is you want to feel comfortable that the DJ knows what he’s doing. If you want people to dance, you have to play what everyone likes.

  1. Do they use legally purchased (and updated) music?

Most Professional DJ’s get their music from similar sources that radio stations get their music from. This way it is licensed for public performance, and they will also have the “clean radio edited versions” of the songs available, insuring you that you won’t have profanity-laced music played throughout the night.

  1. Can they MC?

Having a DJ that can also MC can launch your event to the next level and promote a much more interactive experience with the audience. In this case the DJ is able to give introductions, conduct the cake cutting, give announcements, give instructions on how to teach the latest dance, or anything you need theme to coordinate over the mic. Normally hiring an MC costs extra, so having a DJ that can MC is a huge bonus.

  1. How much time do they need for set up?

Punctuality is a necessity. Most DJs will arrive at least one hour prior to the start time you’ve given them. Your entertainer should be setup and in-place before your first guest walks through the door. To prevent interruption in flow, make sure you discuss and plan everything well before hand so that the Dj knows your needs and you know theirs.

  1. Do they offer a contract?

The last thing to consider is a guarantee for your money. Like anything else you want to be sure your investment is covered. Since this is a special occasion you also want to feel confident that your event is going to run smoothly. It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing. Ask for a written agreement, especially if you are paying a deposit for service. Be sure to document and sign all terms clearly before the event.