Making Your Event Stand Out from the Crowd

Corporate events are a widely acknowledged as a great way to promote your business and boost your customer base. By presenting the right image of yourselves you could potentially transform your circumstances. The thing is however that they can also be an expensive waste of time if they are not done effectively. Just having a stand at an event for the sake of it is not going to be enough. You really need to plan well beforehand and consider everything which you want to do, why and how much it will cost. Otherwise, corporate events can quickly blow away your business’s cash without any reasonable return.

Be Seen

You are going to be like a needle in a haystack if you don’t visually leap out. Firstly, consider your positioning. Plan ahead and look at the event space and its floorplans so that you will be in a busy area with a high footfall. You don’t want to be tucked away in a quieter corner with less people passing by. Then you need to be noticed by the public as they walk past so take the time to produce quality graphics, banners, inflatables whatever it might be. Have your brand logo very apparent and complimentary to other colours you might be using. Use the event as a means of promoting your brand so match your design style with your brand image.

Use the Right People

The event space you create and where it is positioned can all be quickly undone by using the wrong people at an event. On the flipside even a poorly placed set up could be rescued by having the right ones. Again, consider how people relate to the image of your brand. Avoid overly brash people as whilst they might be very outgoing and confident, they could end up grating on people’s nerves or seem overly forward. Approachable, quietly confident and efficient are some of the key skills you should look for in the people you provide or hire.


When people visit a corporate event, it can end up being a whirlwind and they will forget a lot of what they saw at the time. You need to find a way to remind a potential future customer who you were and what your company does. There are numerous ways to go about this through giving out physical items. Hand out flyers or promotion vouchers. Give out sweets with your company logo designed into them. There are numerous corporate promotional products which you can have branded and hand out. You can also promote your online services too by using the time to raise awareness of your website, Facebook page, blog etc. Whatever you go with get them distributed and stock up on them well beforehand.