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Is Steam Cleaning Safe for My Carpets? Are the Cleaning Agents Used Safe for Pets and Children? Can Steam Cleaning Help with Allergies or Respiratory Issues?

When it comes to maintaining clean and healthy carpets, steam cleaning is a popular choice for many homeowners. However, questions often arise regarding the safety of steam cleaning. For example, is steam cleaning safe for carpets? Can it damage them unnecessarily? And are the cleaning agents used when steam cleaning carpets safe for pets and small children to be around? 

These are excellent questions and in this article, we’re going to address these and more so that you can decide as to whether steam cleaning is the right path for you to take, or if there’s a better alternative. 

Here’s everything you need to know…

What does steam cleaning carpets involve?

Steam cleaning, (or hot water extraction if you want to get all fancy), is a deep cleaning method that uses hot water, specialised cleaning solutions, and powerful suction.

The process involves injecting hot water and cleaning agents into the carpet fibres, and loosening dirt, stains, and debris.

Following that, a high-powered vacuum then extracts the water, along with the dirt and cleaning solution, leaving the carpets clean and refreshed.

When you consider how long germs can live in a bathroom or kitchen towel for, the thought of what lives in your carpets can be rather unnerving! When was the last time your carpets had a proper deep clean? 

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Is Steam Cleaning Safe for My Carpets?

So far so good, right? But can steam cleaning cause unnecessary damage to your carpets? 

You’ll be pleased to learn that steam cleaning is generally safe for most carpets when performed correctly. However, it’s crucial to hire professional carpet cleaners who have the expertise to determine the appropriate cleaning method based on your carpet type and condition.

Professional cleaners will ensure that the steam cleaning process is carried out correctly to avoid any potential damage to your carpets.

So, all in all, it is safe to have your carpets steam cleaned, but make sure you double-check first as your specific carpet type may require an alternative cleaning method. 

Are the Cleaning Agents Used in Steam Cleaning Safe for Pets and Children?

More importantly, let’s discuss the cleaning agents typically used during the carpet steam cleaning process; are they safe for pets and small children? 

  • Reputable carpet cleaning companies use cleaning agents that are safe for both pets and children.
  • These cleaning solutions are formulated to be environmentally friendly and non-toxic, minimising the risk of any harmful effects.
  • However, it’s important to inform the carpet cleaners about any specific allergies or sensitivities to ensure suitable products are used during the cleaning process.


All in all, the process is generally very safe. Again, the important thing is that you highlight any potential problems before having your carpets cleaned as your chosen company will be able to make the appropriate accommodations. 

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Can Steam Cleaning Help with Allergies or Respiratory Issues?

If you or someone in your family suffers from certain allergies or respiratory issues, you are likely wondering if having your carpets steam cleaned might be able to help. Here’s everything you need to know…

  • Yes! Steam cleaning can be beneficial for individuals with allergies or respiratory issues.
  • The hot water extraction method helps to remove allergens, dust mites, and other pollutants trapped in the carpet fibres, resulting in a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.
  • By eliminating these allergens, steam cleaning can potentially reduce the triggers for allergies and respiratory issues at home.

Should I Vacuum My Carpets Before Steam Cleaning?

Particularly if you are hiring professionals to come and steam clean your carpets, what kind of preparation work do you need to do in advance. For example, should you vacuum your carpets first? 

  • Yes, it is recommended to vacuum your carpets thoroughly before steam cleaning.
  • Vacuuming removes loose dirt, dust, and debris from the surface, making the steam cleaning process more effective.
  • By vacuuming beforehand, you ensure that the steam cleaning equipment can focus on deep cleaning the carpet fibres.
  • It’s a good courtesy to ensure that your carpets have been vacuumed before your chosen carpet cleaner arrives so they can jump right into the steam cleaning process. 

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How to Choose a Reliable Carpet Cleaning Service?

Now we understand steam cleaning carpets is safe and effective, how do you go about choosing a reliable carpet cleaning service for the best results? Here are some helpful considerations to bear in mind: 

  • Consider the experience and reputation of the carpet cleaning service. Look for companies that have been in the industry for a considerable time and have positive customer reviews.
  • Check if the company employs trained technicians and uses professional-grade equipment.
  • Request a detailed quote, including the services provided and any additional charges, to ensure transparency. It is possible to find high-quality yet affordable carpet steam cleaning – take your time and shop around.   
  • It’s also a good idea to inquire about any certifications or affiliations with industry associations, as these can be indicators of professionalism and expertise.


Steam cleaning can be a safe and effective method for maintaining clean and healthy carpets. When performed by professional carpet cleaners, it can help eliminate dirt, stains, and allergens, thus contributing to a healthier indoor environment. 

Again, the cleaning agents used in steam cleaning are generally safe for pets and children, but it’s important to communicate any specific concerns or allergies to ensure suitable products are used when the time comes. 

Oh! And don’t forget to vacuum your carpets in advance before your chosen carpet steam cleaners arrive so they can hit the proverbial ground running and get straight into the deep-cleaning process. Yes, one could argue that since you are paying them to clean your carpets, they should vacuum on your behalf, however, it is the courteous thing to do. 

In any case, we hope you’ve found this article helpful and now have a better understanding of steam cleaning carpets and its relative safety in a home environment.