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Before You hire a Photo Booth for Your Party

Looking to make a lasting impression at your next event? Photo booth rentals are a great way to entertain your guests and send everyone home with fun keepsakes. Digital photos booths have become increasingly popular the last few years, at all types of events. When searching for a photo booth hire company, you’ll find there are actually several different types or photo booths to choose from.

In this article we will introduce you to some of the many types of photo booths that way you know exactly which one will be perfect for your next event.

Types of Photo Booths for Parties

There are two main types of photo booth setups you can hire: enclosed and open. Within these options, there are many sub categories depending on desired style and functionality.


Enclosed photo booths have curtains, walls, panels or a combination so that the users have privacy while they pose for their shots. Enclosed photo booths come in a variety of sizes generally fitting 2 to 16 people, while incorporating a variety of materials from steel cabinets, curtain rod enclosures to cubicle style walling.


Open photo booths are basically just open booths, for all to see in and out. Like the enclosed photo booths, open photo booths for hire come in all different styles but they generally allow for more people than the enclosed photo booths. They also allow people to watch which can create a fun atmosphere. Of course, on the downside, there is no privacy, which can take away a little of the mystery for those seeking a more intimate experience.

Traditional Style Booths

Vintage – Traditionally made of steel and enclosed ¾ of the way, with a one side entry covered with a sliding curtain. Nowadays these machines often have a computer screen, which not only lets users select different options but also shows the user as they pose. Many of these photo booths for hire have a seat or bench and are made to comfortably fit two to four people. Due to the weight of the steel construction, transporting these vintage booths can be a little challenging. For those who want to go ‘real vintage’ and not worried about high tech, there are still some vintage chemical ink processing machines for the authentic old school prints.

Retro – Retro style photo booths evolved from their vintage predecessors, but they are similar in many ways. Although unlike the vintage photo booths they were always designed to be mobile which makes them perfect for the photo booth hire market. They all have an internal screen and offer high quality prints via the latest digital technology and components. The retro style photo booths that are used by most operators are purpose built for the photo booth rental industry.

Modern – Modern photo booths for hire are bigger than the retro booths and made of panels, curtains or walls and are great for fitting in big groups of people. They are a lot more flexible and customizable. Usually, they are demountable so they can be lifted upstairs. The modern photo booth is aimed to fit the maximum number of guests and with no seat, users stand freely.

Kiosk Photo Booth – This refers to any photo booth that is “column-like” in structure. Some have computer screens or mirrors to show users posing. With this style, it’s fully exposed to the public, with zero enclosure, which is great for corporate and interactive events. Another advantage of this style is there is no limit to the number of people who could potentially be in the shot when set up in the open style

Photographer – This refers to any photo booth hire setup where a photographer uses their camera to take the pictures while guests pose for them. This can be done in both an open and enclosed setup often with various backdrops or partitions. Many photographers that offer this service do not include the cost.

Novelty Photo Booth – The novelty category is where you find the latest crazes in photo booth rental entertainment like Slow-Mo Video Booths, Mirror Booths, GIF Booths and Instagram printing Kiosks. Another option is a “cartoon booth” which uses computer software to incorporate cartoon characters into the shots.