DJ mixing music moving the controllers on the mixer in night club with blue red background

Should you hire a DJ for your next party?

Planning a party? Awesome! Parties are always good fun! If you’re trying to decide if you should hire an event DJ for your party, here are some tips on how to decide if you really need a DJ, and if you do, what you need to look for and questions you should ask when hiring a party dj hire.

What kind of party are you having?

To start, what type of party are you having? The most common celebration is birthday parties. DJs for Birthday parties are perfect, but not every birthday party is going to be the same depending on the age of the person.

 So, when you’re hiring a DJ for that special Birthday party, consider these tips:

If you’re throwing a kids birthday party, make sure the DJ is okay with and experienced with working with children. Check if the music is age appropriate. Ask the DJ if he has “edited versions” of current music, without explicit language. Also, if you plan to be really involved in the control of the music for your child’s party, make sure you explain that to the DJ ahead of time and be sure he understands and no one is stepping on each other’s toes. Request songs that you know the kids are really going to enjoy. Dancing and engaging songs are always fun!

When you hire a DJ for some other type of party which requires music, have a list of entertainment ideas, music requests, and general guidelines for what you want from the DJ. Ask the DJ to give you some ideas of how he will entertain your guests and what type of music he suggests. Keep in mind that the DJ will likely be playing “Background” music for dinner or cocktails and then switching to dance music later in the evening. When you’re shopping, bear in mind, there are some great “Club” DJs who have a vast knowledge of Dance music, but they sometimes fall short when it comes to playing great background music. Background Music is still very important, and it should still incite nostalgia and a general sense of happiness and joy. Choose a song that you know the person being celebrated is really going to enjoy, so that they feel special.

When hiring a Party DJ, some of the most important things you need to know are:

  • Does the DJ have at least a full year of training with a reputable DJ agency, if not…
  • Do they have at least 5 references you can talk with on the phone? – Call the references! Ask the references about the type of music the DJ played, what type of equipment they had, how they dressed and presented themselves at the party. Make sure to find out if there were any uncomfortable breaks in the music, inappropriate actions from the DJ, or technical difficulties, and if so, how did the DJ handle that?
  • The Contract should list you as the “purchaser” and the DJ should be listed by name. The date, start, and end times should be clearly listed, and the address where the party is going to be held should be on the contract.
  • The DJ should arrive an hour early to set up their gear and prepare to entertain, and this should be in the contract somewhere.
  • Make sure there are no “hidden” fees in the DJ contract.


Remember, some DJs will be more expensive than others, and some may be really cheap, but always ask yourself how important the success of your party is to you and the guests. A Bad DJ can ruin an event faster than almost anything else, and a Great DJ can turn any party into an unforgettable and fantastic event!