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Event Staffing: 5 steps to hire a killer team

As an event professional, your aim is to deliver a flawless event. And that begins and ends with a flawless execution. To ensure that, you’ll need an exceptional event team. As you may already know, the success of your event greatly depends on the event staff you hire. To make sure participants have a fun and memorable time at your event, you must find the perfect hire and location to set the right mood and bring the energy. The last thing you want is your staff hanging around in the background and chatting amongst each other, wasting your precious time and money, right?!

Well then… follow this guide for useful tips to help you choose the right event staffing agency for your event. Following these 5 steps will ensure that you hire event staff members that will not only engage attendees, but execute a killer event.

  1. Determine what type of event staff you need – There are different types of event staff depending on which type of event you are executing. For example, a motor show would be great for promo models. A launching of a new product would be good for brand ambassadors. If you are hosting a music event, then hire an all-around event team to work the door and check in booths.
  2. Determine the target audience – It’s important to have team members who can relate to the consumers attending the event. That way they connect and engage with one another about the product. Keep in mind what sort of knowledge you’ll want your staff to have. Should they have intimate local knowledge or technical understanding about a product? Should they be informed about industry terms that attendees might use in conversation? Properly selecting and educating event staff about what they should know prior to event day is a key best-practice.
  3. Estimate audience size – The size of your audience determines how your ambassadors engage attendees. For smaller more intimate settings, you’ll want to find event staff that is good at interacting with people one-on-one or in small groups. For larger audiences, you’re going to want to find people who are good at entertaining large crowds. A skilled event staffing professional will know how to select the right staff for your event.
  4. Select staff that best represents your brand’s image– Remember your event staff will often be the first impression at an event and will also represent the face of your brand. An exceptional event team can leave a lasting impression and help you build new relationships with potential clients. Therefore it is extremely important to fully communicate your vision and desires to your team. During interviews ask some key questions, like how they will represent your brand, or what they will do to help execute your mission.
  5. Recruit from recommended agencies – Before you start searching for event staff in your area, ask some of your friends for recommended agencies? There’s a good chance a few of your friends have hired event staff for an event before, so check for recommendations. If that doesn’t produce results then search for staffing agencies with a successful event track record and reputable reviews.


Your event staff team should be an extension of your business, perfectly reflecting your brand’s image. You are investing in a service and its okay to expect quality results. But be sure to effectively communicate your vision and expectations. Consider these tips before hiring an events staff agency and you will definitely have a successful event!