Amazing Electronics You Can Add to Your Car

There is an ever increasing range of very impressive technology being added into modern cars.  From automated parking systems, to smart interfaces and AI drivers, the field is expanding at an incredible pace.  However, all of these things are limited to the most modern of cars and if you already own a car, then odds are it is at least a few years old.


It may be functionally fine and you probably enjoy driving it enough that you wouldn’t consider trading it in any time soon, but you might feel a little behind the times.  However, there are a lot of things you can add to your car to give it an edge and a bit of an upgrade.  Whereas items on this list should be very installable as a DIY job, it should be noted that if you want to have any serious electronics added to your vehicle, such as an upgraded sound system, then you should always use qualified car electronic installers to ensure your vehicle gets the best possible outcome.



A nice simple one to start, having front and rear “dash cams” will give you an added sense of security when you are out on the roads.  These should be seen as a backup to help give a little bit of extra peace of mind when you are driving as they will be recording the space around your vehicle and if you have any issues there will be footage that tells the story for you.  There is even a chance that having cameras on your vehicle might affect your insurance in a positive way as well.

A heads-up display

A heads-up display, or HUD, is very similar to a traditional sat nav and built in screen cars have in just about every way, apart from one key difference.  A HUD shows you this information by projecting it upwards onto a clear glass panel in the windscreen area of your car so that you can see it, but it does not obstruct your view in any way.  This means it can be in your eyeline without you having to divert your gaze from the road and, if setup correctly, should correlate and complement what you can see in front of you very effectively.

Wireless pressure gauge

This fantastic gadget comes with four wireless tire pressure monitors that you attach to the valve of each of your tires and then there is a receiver that connects to the car.  This will constantly read the tire pressure data from all four wheels and send this information to your smartphone.  The huge benefits of this are that it will alert you not only when your tires need topping up, but it should also be able to monitor for irregularities that could well be a sign of a tire that is nearing the end of its life or is about to fail, saving you the time, money and stress of having a blowout or simply getting points on your license for poorly inflated tires.

There are many more interesting and amazing electronics and gadgets that you can add to your car, the only real problem is finding out what is out there.  There will be things you never dreamed of that you won’t ever want to be without again.